The StarSpace founded TMSOFT

Dedicated to the creation of wonderful smart phone applications and games. Few developers have the ability to have 2 applications with Top 20 for iTunes paid downloading applications, and he is one of them.


Founded in 2015, the starspace, based in San Francisco, has accumulated considerable experience after ten years of development. At present, it has the world's first-class team of game sinicization and game content production.


One of Malaysia's most respected businessmen and investors, President of Mhil and StarSpace Asia Pacific, has more than 20 years of experience in business and investment. In the early stages of the work, major construction projects were developed in collaboration with a team of builders, such as Dotto Ismercumin and Professor Dotto.

William Paul

William Paul was born in 1982, UI is committed to design Mobile Games project, with the work, including planning, painting, scenes, characters, props, animation, special effects and integration are well aware of all the production work. They have their own unique views on the production technology, specifications and production process. They can master the comprehensive skills of game art design by completing the simulation game project and consolidating and improving their previous knowledge


Simon, born in 1985, is committed to the overall design of human-computer interaction, operational logic and beautiful software interface, the design and production of a variety of IOS application games. It is known as "the design magician of the times change school"!